Our Nursery is empty for now, but we are expecting some beautiful babies mid-March!!! Our gorgeous Emi (white) has "honeymooned" with our very handsome Bubzy (golden/sable). This will be Bubzy's first time being a daddy, but if his puppies are even half as awesome as he is, we will not be disappointed :)


*Please read information below*

The prices of the Shih-Tzu puppies available here at Lorry's Ark are dependent on sex and color as well as if they are being offered for "PET" or "Breeding" in approved homes. The prices will be lower for those that are being offered as "Pet" and in most cases the puppy in question will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving here. This price does vary depending on color/sex of the puppy in question. The price of our "Breeder" quality puppies are higher and again is dependent on the color/sex of the puppy in question. The "Breeder" puppies will include "Full AKC" registration. ALL puppies will have been fully vaccinated, wormed and be certified by a licensed Veterinarian to be healthy prior to leaving here.

If you would like any information on Lorry's Ark puppies, please contact me at (620)724-2001. Both Breeder's as well as Pet homes are welcome:) Most puppies will be ready to go to their new homes once they are 8 weeks of age (local pick-up) or after they reach 9-10 weeks if shipped.
Shipping is available only to APPROVED Breeder's and Pet homes. Shipping is extra:)
We welcome those "Pet" parents who want a quality, well socialized companion. Shipping is available for a reasonable fee. We are with-in 3 hours of both MCI Airport and TUL Airport, and will be very happy to meet you, should you wish to fly into either of those Airports, a Pet Nanny maybe excepted but will need to be obtained by the new parents. We also offer "Ground Shipping" which is usually a very affordable alternative to shipping by "Air". That option is dependent to your area.
Another option, if you are with-in driving range:) is that we would be more than happy to meet you half-way, whenever possible, when the puppy is ready to leave, at which the final payment is made. A fuel charge will be required to help defray the cost of gas in order to meet with you:)
A deposit of up to $250 is required to "HOLD" the puppy of your choice and will be applied to the balance of the puppy of your choice. The balance then will be required at 1 week prior to his/her departure. This allows time for the Health Certificate and Micro-Chip to be taken care of.     

We here at Lorry's Ark are a proud supporter of anything that can help lengthen the time you can have with your new addition! With that in mind, we use and encourage the vitamin suppliment NuVet Vitamins. If you are interested in making this suppliment part of your "Fur-Kid's" diet, please click on the link below to see how NuVet can make your baby happier and healthier!    
NuVet Labs

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We, here at Lorry's Ark, are always striving to bring to you quality, home-raised Shih-Tzu's. We want to ensure that you have a sweetly tempered companion with unique colors. Our colors include: Red, White, Blue, Liver, Chocolate, Cream, Gold, Silver and sometimes Black. We have both solid colors as well as "Parti" colors. We hope that, should you decide to make one of our babies a part of your family, it will be a joyous experience. We try to always keep you informed of your new babies growth, by sending weekly pictures and up-dates:) Thank you for coming to see us, we hope that someday you will become a part of the extended family of Lorry's Ark parents!!! God Bless:)

Our guestimates on adult weight is based on this calculation that is used commonly in the ShihTzu world by many experienced breeders: For a good guess at adult weight.

Take the exact weight at 8 weeks and multiply by 3.

Take the exact weight at 10 weeks and multiply by 2 then add 1 pound.

Take the exact weight at 12 weeks and multiply by 2.

There is never any guarantee on adult weight size as nature has the final say. This calculation is given only as a guide. Parents size, grandparents size, and a hundred other things can influence final adult size.



Please remember, that to hold a puppy of choice, you must make a non-refundable deposit once he/she has reached 4 wk.s of age. This will ensure that YOUR puppy will remain your's! We require a Postal Money Order or PayPal to be used as method's of payment. Under no circumstances will Personal check's be excepted. For more details on deposit's and payment's as well as shipping click on the General Information Page directly above. Thank you for making one of our precious babies a member of your family.

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