Lorry's Ark Health Guarantee
For the health and protection of our precious babies
I am licensed with the State of Kansas. According to their rules and regulations you, the buyer, are guaranteed to have a puppy free of all genetic disorders (for 1 year)that would cause the puppy to loose his/her life or cause extensive medical cost. This cost is only up to and not exceeding the original purchase price of the puppy, excluding shipping cost. This does not include things that could have been prevented if proper care and maintenance was given to said puppy (annual shot's, flea prevention, heart-worm medicine, etc). For the protection of your puppy it has been recommended by some Veterinarian's to avoid administering the live Lepto-virus vaccine until the puppy is at least 12 month's of age, as it has been shown to cause liver failure in mature dog's. Should the unforeseeable happen, there are several step's required before the guarantee will be honored. First, a detailed Veterinarian report which will show both diagnosis and probable cause of the disease and/or correction needed to give the puppy/dog the quality of life in which he/she deserves. If the puppy has died, a necropsy may be required to verify the findings of your Veterinarian. The necropsy will be done by an impartial Laboratory and those results will be available to both the puppy's owner as well as to Lorry's Ark. The Micro-Chip (placed in the puppy before his/her arrival to you) will be removed by a Licensed Veterinarian only and sent to Lorry's Ark. If the cause of death is determined to be a genetic defect then Lorry's Ark will reimburse fully the purchase price of the puppy minus the shipping cost. Please understand that Color and Size is NOT guaranteed. The sizes and colors are approximate, not absolute. The information received on the purchase of any puppy is given based on past history of puppies raised here at Lorry's Ark. We strive to make sure that every puppy here at Lorry's Ark is free of Hernia's. On the rare chance that our Veterinarian should find that a Hernia is present, it will be repaired at the expense of Lorry's Ark prior to your receiving your puppy. If one should occur after his/her arrival to you, then it will be repaired at the expense of the new owner.
It is understood that you agree with the terms of this guarantee if you purchase a puppy from Lorry's Ark, please keep the copy (it is the responsibility of the purchaser to download this document) with your puppy for your files. Please understand that ALL condition's of the above guarantee must be met on the purchaser's part before any fulfillment of this guarantee will be made from the seller's part.

Once a puppy has a non-refundable deposit on it, a "HOLD" will be placed on the puppy. This "HOLD" will remain until the puppy's full purchase price has been paid (7 weeks of age), unless other arrangements have been made. The new owner has a reasonable time in which to make full payment. Once the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age, there is a limit of 4 weeks (puppy will then be 12 weeks old) in which the puppy will be held before boarding charges will apply. Older puppies purchased (those 12 weeks or older when deposit was made) have a limit of 4 weeks in which Lorry's Ark will hold before boarding fee's apply. These fee's will be $5.00 daily or $30.00 weekly. It is beneficial for the new owner to make the final payment prior to the deadline!

Should a puppy be in possession of the new owner prior to full payment of said puppy these rules apply: Payments will be made per the schedule set at the time of the sale of the puppy. Should the new owner fail to fulfill his/her obligations to Lorry's Ark and not complete the sale then Lorry's Ark reserves the right to take back possession of the puppy in question. Any and all monies that have been tendered during the time that the puppy was off Lorry's Ark property will NOT be refunded. If the puppy dies or is lost, payment for the puppy will still be required. Should matters need to be resolved legally then ALL legal cost incurred by Lorry's Ark will be the sole responsibility of the new owner. Lorry's Ark is willing to work with any new owner who shows themselves to be trying to fulfill their obligations. Communications is very important.

Please copy and sign at the place below and send either before or along with your deposit. Please remember that the puppy must be paid for in FULL on or before he/she is 7 weeks old, unless other arrangements are made. Send the signed "Guarantee" to the address below:

Lorry Leitenberger
1220 W 610th Avenue
Girard, KS. 66743

If you have any questions about this Guarantee please contact me either by phone at (620)724-2001 (cell) or (620)724-8638 (home) or by email . Thank you and God Bless!

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Revised as of January 2011

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