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Puppies on Hold and Puppies with a Deposit

Since I post my babies as soon as they are born on my Nursery page, you, the new parentís, have the opportunity of choosing a little baby that you feel may fit into your family before many people have the chance to view them on several advertising site's. I do not except depositís on newly born puppies until they are 4 wks of age and that is on a first-come-first-serve basis. This does not mean that you will loose the puppy of your choice if you are unable to get a hold of me before another prospective parent getís a hold of me first! I will hold a puppy for you, until the puppy of your choice is 4 wks old, and if you are still wanting to make him/her a part of your family, a non-refundable deposit* of 10% of the purchase price will lock-in your puppy for you. All deposits will be made with either a Postal Money Order, Money Gram's or through PayPal. There will be no exception's in the method's of payment. This is for your assurance as well as mine in an effort to prevent any problems. The United States Postal service has been known to loose mail and if your deposit is lost during transit, you will still have the receipt from the Postal Money Order to show your good faith and sincere intention of wanting a puppy. Once the puppy is held with a deposit, you have until the puppy reaches the age of 7 wks to pay the complete amount of the asking price of the puppy (this too will be done with either a Postal Money Order, Money Gram's or through PayPal). This total price will include the price for shipping if shipping is necessary. You will receive, via E-mail, a receipt of your deposit and/or payment for your records.

*The only exception for this *Non-Refundable* clause is if the unforeseeable happens and the puppy has some genetic defect which could prevent him/her to living a long and happy life or in the mournful event of death.

Shipping Costís

The shipping cost include the following:
The cost of the Health Certificate which is mandatory when any puppy leaves the state in which it was born.
The cost of the Micro-Chip which all puppies leaving Lorryís Ark have for the protection of the puppy against theft, and in case your new little puppy gets lost or looses you!
It also coverís the cost of the Puppy Care Package which is sent out when the final payment of the puppy is made. In this package you will find for your new baby: a toy, a blanket, a couple of chewyís for their teeth, 2 samples of food with couponís and all the personal information on your baby including his/her shot records and AKC registration paperís.
The cost of the kennel in which your baby makes his flight. The added use of his/her kennel is good to finish the housebreaking process once your little baby arrives home!
The cost of the flight is based on the weight of the puppy at the time of flying. (All puppies must be at least 8 wks of age and should weigh 2 lbs. If they are under 2 lbs then they can fly out at 12 wks of age.) It is also dependent on the Airlines on which he/she arrives to you. As in most thingís, there is no set standard on the cost of flying puppies, and even though I try and ship through Continental Airlines, which is the most economical company to fly through, they do not always fly where you, the new parent, lives.
The last thing included in the shipping cost is the gasoline in which it cost me to drive the 3 hours to the closest Airport. I am fortunate to have available to me 2 Airports which are about the same distance from me. What this means is that, even if I canít get a flight for your new baby through one airport I may be able to secure a reservation through the other one.

Lorry's Ark reserves the right to deny the purchase of any puppy should we feel that it would not be in the best interest of the puppy to be placed in that home.

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