Report Date: 06/18/2017

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Lorry's Sweet Rocky Road

Name: Lorry's Sweet Rocky Road
AKC #: TS274161/01 Breed/Variety: Shih Tzu
Birth Date: 07/16/2015 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Black Tan Markings
Breeder(s): Carolina Allison

Lorry's Sweet Rocky Road
Black Tan Markings
Expresso Macchiato
TS103249/01 04-14
Liver Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V779479
Lonestars Where Art Thou Romeo
TR820369/01 07-10
AKC DNA #V650843
Teacons Little Romeo
TR586786/06 12-07
AKC DNA #V589357
Dar-She's Chocolate Fantasy
TR257045/04 01-07
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V415386
Sir Jojo Son Of Kizzmo
TN715393/01 01-00
Black & White
AKC DNA #V130402
Madam Cindy Lou
TN845416/08 04-00
Black & White
Dar-She's Sugar Pie
TR273174/02 04-07
Red & White
Darshe's Mister Ching Chang
TP288297/04 06-04
Black & White Black Mask
Parker's Sugar Cookie
TP289604/05 11-04
Liver & White
Azurau's Pretty Posh
TR488221/02 04-07
Brindle Black Mask
Whispering White Kasper
TR131742/01 07-04
AKC DNA #V324930
Mason's Lil Jack Rabbit Cash
TP269060/02 03-03
Gold & White
AKC DNA #V294840
Weaving Through The "Ivy"
TP278460/01 03-03
Gold & White
Bubble's Little Cub
TR387939/01 07-06
Brindle Black Mask
Utsick's Coco Mo
TR190920/04 02-05
AKC DNA #V303116
Muffy's Effervescent Bubble's
TR084498/04 09-05
Gold & White
Lonestars Livin It Up
TR864869/03 07-10
Sweet And Sassy's "Kaleidascope"
TR702009/03 07-09
AKC DNA #V594091
Sweet And Sassy's "Peanut" Butter
TR519558/02 03-08
AKC DNA #V530502
Liberty's Just Like Casper
TR175714/04 12-05
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V486662
Sweet & Sassy's Candy Resse
TR334776/02 09-06
Sweet And Sassy's Blue Lagoon
TR558278/03 03-08
Aaron's Got The Hollywood Blues
TR387801/02 09-06
AKC DNA #V426809
Sweet 3 Sassy's Choc. Yoohoo
TR227193/01 07-05
Sweet And Sassy's Twistin It Up
TR539997/03 08-09
Majestic Acres Koda Bear
TR362069/03 05-06
AKC DNA #V455440
Southwyck's "Blackjack Flash"
TN687820/06 11-99
AKC DNA #V86308
Black Bottom Marie Lavoe
TP079372/02 04-02
Silver & White
Majestic Acres A Day N Paris
TR328309/01 11-06
Barbs Cajun Spice
TR111313/01 09-04
Red Black Mask
AKC DNA #V308822
Morrow Mecamae
TN966509/04 07-02
Carolina's Foxie Lady
TS201560/02 01-16
Black Tan Markings
Carolina's Yogi Bear
TS140866/02 05-14
Black Tan Markings
Woodland's Weeping Willow
TR330619/02 11-06
AKC DNA #V486645
Capt. Casey's Smokey
TN824881/02 10-01
AKC DNA #V89219
Pratt's Capt. Casey
TN533329/02 05-99
Pratt's Sasha Lin
TN122049/03 04-97
Red & White
Cocoa & Katie's Gypsie Rose
TR021874/01 10-04
Pratt's Capt. Casey's Cocoa
TN915539/05 05-01
AKC DNA #V89220
Katie Belle VI
TP000820/02 05-01
Black & White Black Mask
Woodland's Honey Bee
TR647183/05 11-08
Gold Black Mask
Jo-Sha's A Shot In The Dark
TR366342/11 09-06
Black Gold & White
AKC DNA #V673273
Indiana T.A.S.
TR136178/01 07-05
Brindle & White
Tea'Bia Ling Of Willow Rose
TR153954/06 07-05
Messers Mama's Jolly Josie
TP125788/02 04-02
Gold & White
Dbend's Sir Cash Alot
TN355464/01 09-97
Black & White
AKC DNA #V86167
Wonsik's Maylee China Doll
TN388245/05 04-98
Gold & White
Carolina's Sparkling Blue Shasta
TS061081/03 05-14
Blue Tan Markings
Dee's Lil Sir Render It All
TR866870/02 07-10
Black Gold & Silver
AKC DNA #V620791
Ambrosia Beignet Bosco
TR862668/01 09-09 (United States)
Black & White
AKC DNA #V584504
Tiny Tei Parade Of Dreams
TR281588/05 03-06
Black & White
AKC DNA #V406402
AKC 572588
Brindle & White
Dee's Harmony Of Heart
TR514827/01 04-08
Tinypaws Emporer Yoshi Saan
TR403262/01 09-06
Red & White
AKC DNA #V495027
Tiny Paws Emporess Mulan
TR423557/04 09-06
Ain'T Just Whistling "Dixie"
TR967796/01 06-11
Black Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V676282
Moody Blue For You
TR760857/04 10-09
AKC DNA #V596782
Phoenix's Black & Tan Teddy Bear
TR577803/03 10-07
AKC DNA #V506212
Image's Snl Dreamz May Come Tru'
TR441404/01 11-07
Gold & White Black Markings
Diamond In The Ruff Blk & Tan
TR624200/02 07-08
Rompin' Lil' Chandler Bean
TR528584/02 07-07
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V472806
Princess Glitter II
TR334987/02 07-07
Silver & White

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