Report Date: 11/07/2018

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Mary's Mae-Bee Chocolate

Name:Mary's Mae-Bee Chocolate
AKC #:TS354010/06 Breed/Variety:Shih Tzu
Birth Date:09/02/2017 Sex:Female
Breeder(s):Mary L Johnson

Mary's Mae-Bee Chocolate
Mary's Jaxson In Action
TS284543/01 07-17
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V818744
Charlie B Moore
TR819745/06 04-16
Red & White
Skippy Peanut Butter Of Heryshoc & Shoshone
TR642173/02 05-08
Gold Black Markings
Heryshoc Ohotofshadyoaks
TR304290/01 06-06
AKC DNA #V432166
Tiny Paws Pneanut
TR145310/03 02-05
Gold Black Markings
Tiny Paws Choc O Lot
TR092907/01 02-05
Shoshone Lear Of Shady Oaks
TN601405/02 05-99
Gold & White
Lear's Chia-Chia
TN403948/01 01-98
Silver & White
Lear's Cookie Taye
TN349917/01 01-98
Gold & White
Shady Elm's Texas Miracle
TR319346/04 04-06
Liver & White
Shelby's Java
TR185579/01 03-05
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V376608
Vanilla Cream Van
TN974142/03 03-02
AKC DNA #V248766
Wilson's Sophie
TP197674/02 06-03
Black & White
Fidgett Wurst
TR076081/03 03-05
Black & White Black Markings
Sarrs Cowboy
TP067724/05 08-02
Brindle & White
Brayjan's Toostie Roll
TP027194/01 08-02
Black & White
Blackie Betsy Lou
TS281629/01 04-16 (United States)
Liver & White
Prince William XIII
TP275459/02 06-03
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V258262
Charlie Mai Dragon Slayer
TN793917/01 04-00
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V79497
Cochise Dragon Slayer
TN155180/03 02-96
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V80220
Simba Tai Mai Bow
TN357891/01 11-97
Black & White
Bounty's Lace Of BVK
TN248340/03 02-97
Liver & White
Jipp Of Selleck
TM921053/04 03-94
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V141790
Wilma's Bounty
TM771183/03 08-93
Liver & White
Cocoa's Blackie
TR012564/05 01-04
Black & White Black Mask
Ackels MR. Collins.
TN710316/02 01-00
Black & White Black Mask
AKC DNA #V89002
Rocky Feller II
TN158992/05 04-96
Gold & White
Morning Glory III
TN229848/04 07-96
Black & White Black Mask
Trash Can's Cocoa Baby
TN825070/06 08-00
Liver & White
Trade-Wins Ray Charles
TN529502/02 03-99
Black & White Black Mask
AKC DNA #V89003
Ackels Trash Can Baby
TN642603/04 05-99
Brindle & White
Mary's Brandy Gold Dust
TS281066/06 12-17
Mary's Dusty Gold
TS223999/02 01-16
Gold Black Mask
AKC DNA #V770071
Mary's Tamo-Cinna-Hot Brody
TR983695/01 11-11
OFA91G AKC DNA #V643237
Elk Creek's Tamara
TR099885/01 02-05
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V401382
Elk Creek's Nicklos
TN939578/04 12-00
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V125813
Elk Creek's Sassie May
TP175597/04 07-02
Silver & White
Lanes Red Hot Cinnamon
TP209642/01 02-03
Gold Black Mask
Debs Darling Dakota
TN639810/01 02-99
AKC DNA #V109955
Ningsia's Sensational Cheyann
TN511745/03 10-98
Gold Black Mask
Mary's Kallie Ruby Pearls
TS158598/01 11-14 (United States)
Red & White
D An D's Newman
TR922354/05 04-11
Gold & White
AKC DNA #V775557
Saint Elmo's Fire III
TR099621/03 06-04
Gold & White Black Markings
AKC DNA #V340141
Karwish Lil Red Rose
TR667736/01 06-09
Red & White
D An D's Cassi
Red & White
Saro's A Dream Come True
TR077755/03 05-06
Red & White
AKC DNA #V417415
Twin Oaks Callie
TR193317/03 09-05
Black & White
Mary's Shelby Of Jax-Pearls-Hershey
TS160636/02 01-15
Liver & White
Mary's Gold Eyes Jackson
TR454724/03 03-07
Liver & White
AKC DNA #V455420
Mary's Lover-Boy
TR115604/01 09-04
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V362126
Daddy's Little Buddy Luv
TP113759/01 09-02
Brindle & White
Princess Molly Ann Conrad
TN450290/01 01-98
Brindle & White
Marys Fancy Gracy
TR213822/03 04-06
Gold & White Black Markings
MR. Macduffy
TP200984/02 02-03
Brindle & White Black Mask
AKC DNA #V299834
Little Miss Muffy XXIII
TP185224/02 05-03
Gold & White
Mary's Only One Pearl
TR880540/04 09-11
Black & White
Mary's Chokolat Hershey
TR755927/01 05-09
AKC DNA #V543672
Dandi Of Ark
TR387174/03 09-07
Brindle Black Mask
Dalia Of Ark
TR641425/02 08-08
Mary's Myra Jewel
TR534550/06 02-08
Black & White
Winder's Love Bandit
TR245347/06 10-05
Black & White
AKC DNA #V375241
Winder's Masked Fancy
TR269928/01 10-05
Brindle & White

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